Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For my Valentines weekend, I decided to see a friend out in good ole' West Virginia. We had a great 5 day weekend. I took of work Wednesday - Friday, and I stayed out there in the middle of nowhere until Sunday Mid-day. West Virginia is very relaxing, but the fast speed limit and strange people are hard to get over. I very much enjoyed our Valentines Day couples 4wheeler trip out to "the wall"- though it was very scarry. And driving up to the pizza joint on our 4wheelers was neet to and just intime since it started to rain when we got there.

Nicky worked on my car a little bit, the normal checking fluids and tires, and he changed my fuel pump. Though if you ask him, he'll clame he never worked on that piece of crap FORD.

But I got pictures.

Nicky workin on my car

Nicky working on my FORD "Focus". I have the proof. His co-worker said something about how he would never own a FORD and if you ever saw one in his driveway, it meant he had bad company. FORD's are just misunderstood, why all the hate guys, why?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 7th and 8th

D visit's me. And I get sick.

I was soo sick this weekend, but I got to go shopping with D and her mother and I got these awesome new shoes.. 2 pair actually and a new purse. Momma Oakes (D's mom) and I have decided that D's baby Georgia is going to be a shoe girl.... what do you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Meet Meaty.

Meaty is a young 'PitMix', we beileve he is under 1 yr. We don't know what he is mixed with, but he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. I adopted Meaty from the Essex County animal shelter on Saturday, January 31st? He was abused and on puppy death row. We (D and I) didn't plan on getting a puppy we were just going to see about the shelters requirements for adopting a dog, but we just coudln't resist this timid gentleman. We got him home and gave him a bath... and he is doing very well.

Meaty weighs about 45 lbs. and has a fur less line all the way aaround his neck where his previous owner kept his collar, or chain way too tight. Hopefully Meaty has found his forever home, at my friend D's house. So far JohnWayne (her son- 5yrs) claims Meaty to be his best friend, and BabyGeorgia (daughter-1 and 1/2) just loves on him and tiptoes around the house cooing "gawgie, gawggie". Sunday she used him as a step stool to get up onto the counch, he didn't move a muscel except to lick her feet once she was up there. He doesnt try to get on the couch. As far as we can tell he doesn't bark, which is prooving interesting to know when he's got to do his business, but he seems to understand that he's supposed to go outside, just hasn't figured out how to comunitcate to us yet.

Wish us luck.

More photos to come.