Monday, November 17, 2008

Camping in November

Jason has been planning this November camping trip since the last time that we went camping back in July. I didn't have much to do with the planning process, nor did I realized how cold it was going to be... but It turned out nice in the end. The nights were a little on the chilly side but the hike during the day was worth it I think. The company made it one of the best camping trips I have ever been on.

The following pictures were taken by Witt.... I forgot my camera once again, but I wasn't worried since Witt takes his everywhere.

Note Witt's interpretation of camp dinner. Almost commercial-istic isn't it.

Beleive it or not we have another planned for the weekend after Thanksgiving.... more people tho, less hiking, and definately more blankets!

Halloween fun

Who says adults cant have fun on Halloween. My office held a Halloween costume contest. Unfortunately they didn't tell me until I had already decided on a boring lame costume... I tried to dress it up a few days before Halloween, but I couldn't beet my offices Secretary, though her costume was not expensive, she sure blew us away. She dressed as a cowBOY, and had leather fringe as a beard and mustache. My friend Katie was a Vampire prom queen. I will have to get copies of the office pictures that they took.

Here I am as a fairy... sitting at my desk. I got fairy dust everywhere... I'm still finding it in my paperwork.

PARF- was bust

So, after MRDF was over we decided to hit the PA renfestival since they were open one weekend past MD's. It was a slow start as we all got up late, and then proceded to get lost on the way up their. THere were some really cute amish faces on the senic route tho.

Once we finally got to the faire we bought our 'overproced' tickets and proceded into an almost empty faire. We've been here before, and in the past we have noticed a lack of 'dressed' rennies, but too see next to no Rennies at all was horrible, and on thier 2nd to last day, wheres the love people?

After an hour of misty, light rain and a little bit of window shopping we had to find shelter, as the rain started in heavier. And thats when it all went down hill. We tryed to enjoy ourselves, and brave the cold wet weather... walking from shop to shop ... until the shops started closing.

Once we ralized that all but like 2 shops were boarded up and the food venues were packing up shop we headed to the front angrily.

At the front they were ginving out tickets for the next day- unfortunately we had no intentions on coming back... this was supposed to be a rain or shine faire, we were no less than irate when we stepped past the workers at the gate.

While waiting for mom and dad to show up ... we sampled and bought some wine, well Jason and I did. And funny thing- Jason and I ended up with all the same wine I guess our tastes are one in the same.

I only have this one picture I took to leave you with. It's gives the horrible experience a lighter less vicious appeal. I bought this umbrella while we were there... as a early christmas present to Stacy, and I let her have it early on one condition.... she shared her new found semi-dryness.

Wow how long has it been?

I can see that this blog thing is more difficult to keep up than I thought. I will start with what I remember of that sad last day of faire.


There was a wedding... Congratulation to the lovely couple Jess and Stephen.

Come to think of it ... I don't remember much of the last weekend, other than it was sad, and I think we were supposed to picnic and there was a bit of drama. Why could it be that I don't remember the last weekend, all so well.... Oh yes, Hack and Slash weren't there.

You can hardly call it a faire weekend without seeing the famous Hack and Slash.

Let us travel back in time even a week further.

Hack and Slash's last show on their last day of faire was Hilarious! There was so much beer, given to them. I hope to find a good picture to give everyone a good idea, unfortunately I forgot my camera, and I was probably laughing to hard to get a good shot.
When all is said and done... I had a good MDRF season. I was introduced to some great music, and I've actually got friend status with a couple faire scene celebrities... They even want Stacy to join their little cult. (hey where's my koolaid?)