Thursday, August 20, 2009

Demolition Derby!

So I've been going to the Prince William County fair for 2 years now, but I always seemed to miss the Demo Derby- cause it's always on a week day, and traffic an issue. But this year I was determind... so much infact I went twice. I had so much fun. I just get a burst of excitment when those cars come barreling at each other... maybe its the exaust fumes or something but it was soo neet.

See my pictures... and hopefully my video will come out ok too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

buzy weekend.

This weekend I really only had planned to attend a bridal shower on Saturday. All week I was thinking about going out to Lynchburg to visit my friend who was dog sitting. Then I'd visit some famly too, since all my cousin peeps are out that way. But come Friday after Katie's shower ran late Saturday... I wasn't really feelin it. A long, lonely, 4 hour drive just to get down there at like 9 pm- and then turn around and come back the next morning. Plus I really didn't have the gas money anyways. But when I called my friend to tell her I wasn't gonna make it out, she mentioned that another friend had also wanted to come ....but there was a car issue earlier in the week so they weren't gonna come either...
She got the bright idea to have us both ride down and since her friend was gonna drive down earlier and have to pay for gas- maybe they'd be able to chip in some money. Which actually worked out. I wasn't lonely on the long rip and I got gas money, and her friend had somebody to chat with and got to go!
Sunday morning, I left Beth and her friend at about noon. Then I visited my cousin Sheila for a bit. We sat and chatted and then we ran out to the grocerys store to pick up a few odds and ends. Then I hit my cousin Becky's place on the way home. Here's were the pictures come in.... Becky has Oscar, Charlie (aka Truffle) and Minnie, 3 weiner dog puppies! Check out how absolutely adorable they are....

Above: is Minnie Mouse she's sooo tiny, and just look at those sad puppy dog eyes!

Below: is her and her brother "Charlie (Brown)" [AKA: Truffle], sleepin next to each other. These are the new puppies My cousin Becky got after she fell head over heals for her first one "Oscar (meyer)".

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14th

Tonight we went to the "Lazy Susan" to see, " Little shop of horrors". It was very good. The trip was as a going away to college - dinner, for Stacy.

But what stood out in my mind the most was on the way there... Jason and I were talking about going to Mardi Gras, next year. My grandmother was talking and she decided to put her 2cents in as well. She said something along the lines of "you guys can't go there... people get drunk and show off there boobs. I saw it on COPS." The whole car load of us began laughing histerically. I guess you had to be there. But I wanted to remember it forever.

Monday, August 10, 2009

PA Renfestival

Once again it is that time of year.

The renfest has become a big issue with family and friends. I don't for one second believe that it will be any different this year. I already have friends getting married on a faire day and a cousin is talking about getting a group together for the beach. What makes matters worst is Stacy... the Book-smart of the Devers clan, is off to college this month- a week and a half before our home faire starts. She is not at all pleased- but excited to go to college. I think we might just have to kidnap her for atleast one weekend if not more?

We decided to get a faire trip under our belts before she went away- and there is one faire in particular that owed us a small favor. That's right the Pennsylvainia faire, if any of you recall we attended the PARF on the last weekend of last PA REN-season and they kicked us out for rain. Granted it was raining pretty hard, we were ready to indure it since we drove 3 hours to get there and they claim to be a "rain or shine" faire. We were very upset when only 2-3 hours after we got there booths were closeing up left and right.... and then we got the sign that it was time to get outta there. We tasted and bought some wine at their wine barn while waiting for our ride to get there. And when we got home we wrote emails of concern to there "contact us" department.

PA Renfaire was very kind and while they couldn't do much but appoligize for natures wrath last year... they issued us 3 free tickets to this years merriment. We decided to use those free tickets yesterday... and wouldn't you know it -there was thunderstorms in our forcast once again.

But this time they only closed about an hour early and we got our fill -before they started to shew us twards the front. On our decend to the frount gate we were herded into a food booth by very allarmed faire staff. I was thinking "whats the big deal a little rain and some thunder?"... but apparently lightning struck one of the trees on the faire grounds. I guess thats good enough reason to kick everybody out?

Points of note:
*I got to try out my new antlers, which were defnately a hit. I love having the newest interesting faire accesories.
*I got a neat cup with the faire's logo on it (Stacy believes that this faire is more theme park-esk, she views the cup as a prime example). This cup got me $3 strawberry daquiri refills.
*I bought a new shot glass to go with my collection.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cousin's weekend.

Last year we started a cousin's weekend on my mom's side of the family. It's an all girls 'all' cousins get-together that just involves us hanging out. There is sort-of an age limit, so a few of the cousins are not quite old enough to enjoy the festivities, but soon enough they too will be invited. Last year we picked up and went to VA Beach and had a blast. (top-Amy, Karyn, Stacy, Sheila, Becky, Me- in front of the Abbey Road - Beatles Restaurant)(Below-Sheila, Becky, Stacy, Me, and Amy~Karyn taking picture)


But this year it just wasn't in the budget to all go to the beach so we opted to go to Kings Dominion instead. We all me up and Becky house and all took the trip in the giant white bus AKA-the Expedition. Once we got there we had a blast and we did a great job of saving some cash and still having fun- which was very important this year what with the economy and all.

~We bought discounted tickets on-line, and we brought a picnic lunch (much inspired by Mrs. Shelton). Instead of each paying like 10$ each for lunch, the night before we went to the grocery store and bought 2 loafs of bread, cheese, mustard, mayo and lunch meats. Our lunch costed us about $3/each. And there was some left over for the ride home.

We also adopted a new cousin... as she's been to allot of the family functions already we may as well call her a cousin too. Introducing Mel!
Please enjoy the following pictures that help to pass on the fun had by all.... (most taken by Mel, as she failed to mention that she doesn't like rides? In any case I am glad she came and I'm sure the had a blast!)

~The six cousins take up all but one of the cars on the Avalanche- the chillest coaster ever! I am in the second car, then is Stacy.... but I don't quite remember the order after that. Please note the amazing skill of Mel's photography... we are actually sideways on this coaster and my I remind you how quickly coasters go by. Mel is very quick and talented too!

Mel took this picture also... although we did talk her into getting on this ride with us later in the day and she loved it. (pictured in order front to back .. Amy, Stacy, Becky, Sheila, Karyn, and myself)
Here were are waiting in line for the 'SCRAMBLER', a ride I have loved forever, and remember riding it when I was just a wee little Mandy... with Karyn no less. (pictured- from back to front- Sheila, Karyn, Becky, Myself, Stacy and Amy..... Mel taking picture.)
This one Becky took, she found it quite hilarious that we were so concentrated on the game that we didn't realize our butts were being photographed. I love this pic... but I'm going to leave it to you to figure out who's is who's. (ha ha) P.S- extra points if you can figure out who won!

And last pictured- but certainly not least the drenched picture. Let me explain- that as it was such a hot day... gross and humid we were going to eat our packed lunch in the comfort of the A/C in the bus...... I will now tell you that minutes, literally minutes, before this picture... I had requested that we not do any water rides, before we walked back to the bus for lunch- because I didn't want the girls sitting in Dads big white bus with their wet clothes on. Needless to say we hit the white water canyon after this and we 'cool-ly' dried off while eating lunch at the picnic tables outside of the park.

Nothing since March?

Nothing since March and here it is August. It's a shame. And whats worst... How do I catch you up? I am happy to say that I remembered to take lots of pictures.... I will do my best to keep things in order. Lets try to keep it to one event per month, eh?


In April I saw "Rehab". It was an awsome show and we got really close! We saw them in Lynchburg at this awsome venue called "Cattle Annies". (in picture: lead singer, Danny Boone)


May ... I went to the DC101 Chili cook-off with my friends Jaime, and Kelso! It was awesome, we saw bands such as; The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Niki Barr Band. We also met the infamous "Flounder", and had our picture taken with him. Please excuse my odd facial expression, as this was take two and I was apparently still not ready. (In picture Jaime, Flounder, and Me)

Also in May... I'm cheating a little bit here ... 2nd post for May and all. -

My family had one of there traditional Memorial Day Camping trips. Petey (the doggie formaly known as 'Meaty') got to attend. There was some drama behind that whole fiasco but lets keep this happy shall we.


June .... I went to 'Old Town- Alexandria' with Kelso and his wife Becca and we just happened upon the Red Cross Health festival... which was very neat and crafty... but even better was the (pirate) ship we got to board and check out. I love hangin with those two we always have a blast. (Kelso and Becca not pictured below... but don't worry you shall undoubtedly see them in future posts this year.)


July... What can I say except we know how to party. July 4th was a blast -held out on Robbie's property down in southern VA. I'm not going to mention where exactly but check out these awesome fireworks! What can I say my family knows how to blow stuff up.

Also this fourth I found out that Petey thinks he's a lap dog and .... doesn't like fireworks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back-track to March please

I just realized the other day that I had not been keeping up with this blog. I try to, i promise. I even try to take pictures of all of my events, but sometimes it takes a good deal of effort to get the on the computer, and then onto the blog.....
Ok now that I am finished making excuses. Lets take a quick look back to March.

I attended the DC101 Shamrock fest, for a good wet time. It literally rained all day, it was misrble, and I had to leave with a friend before the band that I went to see even went on. To the left Racheal has her first ever TALL moment.
On a lighter note- Stacy attended this one. I don't think it was a good choice to pick for your first all day radio festival but, im glad she went. Aside from all the rain, i think she liked it.