Sunday, August 16, 2009

buzy weekend.

This weekend I really only had planned to attend a bridal shower on Saturday. All week I was thinking about going out to Lynchburg to visit my friend who was dog sitting. Then I'd visit some famly too, since all my cousin peeps are out that way. But come Friday after Katie's shower ran late Saturday... I wasn't really feelin it. A long, lonely, 4 hour drive just to get down there at like 9 pm- and then turn around and come back the next morning. Plus I really didn't have the gas money anyways. But when I called my friend to tell her I wasn't gonna make it out, she mentioned that another friend had also wanted to come ....but there was a car issue earlier in the week so they weren't gonna come either...
She got the bright idea to have us both ride down and since her friend was gonna drive down earlier and have to pay for gas- maybe they'd be able to chip in some money. Which actually worked out. I wasn't lonely on the long rip and I got gas money, and her friend had somebody to chat with and got to go!
Sunday morning, I left Beth and her friend at about noon. Then I visited my cousin Sheila for a bit. We sat and chatted and then we ran out to the grocerys store to pick up a few odds and ends. Then I hit my cousin Becky's place on the way home. Here's were the pictures come in.... Becky has Oscar, Charlie (aka Truffle) and Minnie, 3 weiner dog puppies! Check out how absolutely adorable they are....

Above: is Minnie Mouse she's sooo tiny, and just look at those sad puppy dog eyes!

Below: is her and her brother "Charlie (Brown)" [AKA: Truffle], sleepin next to each other. These are the new puppies My cousin Becky got after she fell head over heals for her first one "Oscar (meyer)".

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