Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cousin's weekend.

Last year we started a cousin's weekend on my mom's side of the family. It's an all girls 'all' cousins get-together that just involves us hanging out. There is sort-of an age limit, so a few of the cousins are not quite old enough to enjoy the festivities, but soon enough they too will be invited. Last year we picked up and went to VA Beach and had a blast. (top-Amy, Karyn, Stacy, Sheila, Becky, Me- in front of the Abbey Road - Beatles Restaurant)(Below-Sheila, Becky, Stacy, Me, and Amy~Karyn taking picture)


But this year it just wasn't in the budget to all go to the beach so we opted to go to Kings Dominion instead. We all me up and Becky house and all took the trip in the giant white bus AKA-the Expedition. Once we got there we had a blast and we did a great job of saving some cash and still having fun- which was very important this year what with the economy and all.

~We bought discounted tickets on-line, and we brought a picnic lunch (much inspired by Mrs. Shelton). Instead of each paying like 10$ each for lunch, the night before we went to the grocery store and bought 2 loafs of bread, cheese, mustard, mayo and lunch meats. Our lunch costed us about $3/each. And there was some left over for the ride home.

We also adopted a new cousin... as she's been to allot of the family functions already we may as well call her a cousin too. Introducing Mel!
Please enjoy the following pictures that help to pass on the fun had by all.... (most taken by Mel, as she failed to mention that she doesn't like rides? In any case I am glad she came and I'm sure the had a blast!)

~The six cousins take up all but one of the cars on the Avalanche- the chillest coaster ever! I am in the second car, then is Stacy.... but I don't quite remember the order after that. Please note the amazing skill of Mel's photography... we are actually sideways on this coaster and my I remind you how quickly coasters go by. Mel is very quick and talented too!

Mel took this picture also... although we did talk her into getting on this ride with us later in the day and she loved it. (pictured in order front to back .. Amy, Stacy, Becky, Sheila, Karyn, and myself)
Here were are waiting in line for the 'SCRAMBLER', a ride I have loved forever, and remember riding it when I was just a wee little Mandy... with Karyn no less. (pictured- from back to front- Sheila, Karyn, Becky, Myself, Stacy and Amy..... Mel taking picture.)
This one Becky took, she found it quite hilarious that we were so concentrated on the game that we didn't realize our butts were being photographed. I love this pic... but I'm going to leave it to you to figure out who's is who's. (ha ha) P.S- extra points if you can figure out who won!

And last pictured- but certainly not least the drenched picture. Let me explain- that as it was such a hot day... gross and humid we were going to eat our packed lunch in the comfort of the A/C in the bus...... I will now tell you that minutes, literally minutes, before this picture... I had requested that we not do any water rides, before we walked back to the bus for lunch- because I didn't want the girls sitting in Dads big white bus with their wet clothes on. Needless to say we hit the white water canyon after this and we 'cool-ly' dried off while eating lunch at the picnic tables outside of the park.

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