Monday, August 10, 2009

PA Renfestival

Once again it is that time of year.

The renfest has become a big issue with family and friends. I don't for one second believe that it will be any different this year. I already have friends getting married on a faire day and a cousin is talking about getting a group together for the beach. What makes matters worst is Stacy... the Book-smart of the Devers clan, is off to college this month- a week and a half before our home faire starts. She is not at all pleased- but excited to go to college. I think we might just have to kidnap her for atleast one weekend if not more?

We decided to get a faire trip under our belts before she went away- and there is one faire in particular that owed us a small favor. That's right the Pennsylvainia faire, if any of you recall we attended the PARF on the last weekend of last PA REN-season and they kicked us out for rain. Granted it was raining pretty hard, we were ready to indure it since we drove 3 hours to get there and they claim to be a "rain or shine" faire. We were very upset when only 2-3 hours after we got there booths were closeing up left and right.... and then we got the sign that it was time to get outta there. We tasted and bought some wine at their wine barn while waiting for our ride to get there. And when we got home we wrote emails of concern to there "contact us" department.

PA Renfaire was very kind and while they couldn't do much but appoligize for natures wrath last year... they issued us 3 free tickets to this years merriment. We decided to use those free tickets yesterday... and wouldn't you know it -there was thunderstorms in our forcast once again.

But this time they only closed about an hour early and we got our fill -before they started to shew us twards the front. On our decend to the frount gate we were herded into a food booth by very allarmed faire staff. I was thinking "whats the big deal a little rain and some thunder?"... but apparently lightning struck one of the trees on the faire grounds. I guess thats good enough reason to kick everybody out?

Points of note:
*I got to try out my new antlers, which were defnately a hit. I love having the newest interesting faire accesories.
*I got a neat cup with the faire's logo on it (Stacy believes that this faire is more theme park-esk, she views the cup as a prime example). This cup got me $3 strawberry daquiri refills.
*I bought a new shot glass to go with my collection.

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