Monday, November 17, 2008

Camping in November

Jason has been planning this November camping trip since the last time that we went camping back in July. I didn't have much to do with the planning process, nor did I realized how cold it was going to be... but It turned out nice in the end. The nights were a little on the chilly side but the hike during the day was worth it I think. The company made it one of the best camping trips I have ever been on.

The following pictures were taken by Witt.... I forgot my camera once again, but I wasn't worried since Witt takes his everywhere.

Note Witt's interpretation of camp dinner. Almost commercial-istic isn't it.

Beleive it or not we have another planned for the weekend after Thanksgiving.... more people tho, less hiking, and definately more blankets!

Halloween fun

Who says adults cant have fun on Halloween. My office held a Halloween costume contest. Unfortunately they didn't tell me until I had already decided on a boring lame costume... I tried to dress it up a few days before Halloween, but I couldn't beet my offices Secretary, though her costume was not expensive, she sure blew us away. She dressed as a cowBOY, and had leather fringe as a beard and mustache. My friend Katie was a Vampire prom queen. I will have to get copies of the office pictures that they took.

Here I am as a fairy... sitting at my desk. I got fairy dust everywhere... I'm still finding it in my paperwork.

PARF- was bust

So, after MRDF was over we decided to hit the PA renfestival since they were open one weekend past MD's. It was a slow start as we all got up late, and then proceded to get lost on the way up their. THere were some really cute amish faces on the senic route tho.

Once we finally got to the faire we bought our 'overproced' tickets and proceded into an almost empty faire. We've been here before, and in the past we have noticed a lack of 'dressed' rennies, but too see next to no Rennies at all was horrible, and on thier 2nd to last day, wheres the love people?

After an hour of misty, light rain and a little bit of window shopping we had to find shelter, as the rain started in heavier. And thats when it all went down hill. We tryed to enjoy ourselves, and brave the cold wet weather... walking from shop to shop ... until the shops started closing.

Once we ralized that all but like 2 shops were boarded up and the food venues were packing up shop we headed to the front angrily.

At the front they were ginving out tickets for the next day- unfortunately we had no intentions on coming back... this was supposed to be a rain or shine faire, we were no less than irate when we stepped past the workers at the gate.

While waiting for mom and dad to show up ... we sampled and bought some wine, well Jason and I did. And funny thing- Jason and I ended up with all the same wine I guess our tastes are one in the same.

I only have this one picture I took to leave you with. It's gives the horrible experience a lighter less vicious appeal. I bought this umbrella while we were there... as a early christmas present to Stacy, and I let her have it early on one condition.... she shared her new found semi-dryness.

Wow how long has it been?

I can see that this blog thing is more difficult to keep up than I thought. I will start with what I remember of that sad last day of faire.


There was a wedding... Congratulation to the lovely couple Jess and Stephen.

Come to think of it ... I don't remember much of the last weekend, other than it was sad, and I think we were supposed to picnic and there was a bit of drama. Why could it be that I don't remember the last weekend, all so well.... Oh yes, Hack and Slash weren't there.

You can hardly call it a faire weekend without seeing the famous Hack and Slash.

Let us travel back in time even a week further.

Hack and Slash's last show on their last day of faire was Hilarious! There was so much beer, given to them. I hope to find a good picture to give everyone a good idea, unfortunately I forgot my camera, and I was probably laughing to hard to get a good shot.
When all is said and done... I had a good MDRF season. I was introduced to some great music, and I've actually got friend status with a couple faire scene celebrities... They even want Stacy to join their little cult. (hey where's my koolaid?)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9/27/08 Fairewell dear friends until we meet again.

This weekend was London Broil's last weekend at Maryland (for this season). Whatever am I going to do with my hours at faire now. I missed the Saturday of the weekend for work again. I have decided that next faire season, I am not working a weekend job too.
While I was at work , it looked like rain for alot of the day, but on site down in Chantilly, there was no rain to be had. Instead it all ended up in Maryland at the faire, Stacy said it rained on and off all day.
So you can imagine that Sunday faire was one big mud show.

We missed our faire mom's morning pic so she tracked us down later and got this great shot.

Stacy, being her talented self, decided to make The London Broil presents. She made them throw/cuddle pillows, or Implements of destruction.... to match their outfits, accent colors and all.

The loved them, and the extra individual gifts we gave each of them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

09/21/08 Friends 1st visit.

I couldn't go to faire on Saturday, I had to work. But Saturday night I got my costume fun in anyways, I went to a Mascaraed (sp?) ball, in DC with my good friend Matt. I had lots of fun, it was a 'open minded' group of people- we'll just leave the explanation at that. Great fun and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday morning, got up late to go to faire. I had a blast even though I was exhausted. My dear friend Katie came to check out the festival with some friends of hers. I met the cutest little girl named Madison. And her Mommy and Nana too. One of the ladies in Katie's group even bought a whole outfit. All the way down to the shoes. It' looked great.
I didn't have my camera and wasn't able to borrow anybodies for pictures but I am going to ask Katie if any of her friends got me in the background, of one of theirs.

But that's my update for the week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

09/13/08 -First day missed.

Yes, if you have read my other blogs you may have realized I was blogging during faire time. I skipped faire Saturday. I was just too tired.... frankly weekends are supposed to be relaxing from the long stressful week of work. However- if your weekends, are as action packed as mine tend to be, sometimes you just kinda have to crash and do nothing.
Which is exactly what happened. When my brother and sister were ready to go... I was too tired to even get out of bed. So sadly I had to tell them to go without me.

But I was at faire on Sunday.... and had a blast as usual. I didnt take a camera, but my sister did so I only have the pic I asked her to take with me, and her pics. I didnt do much interesting stuff on Sunday, It was soo hot and miserable, I was just zombified. I did enjoy some excellent food though.

Some of the foods that I enjoyed were as follows:
  1. a pretzel
  2. a pickle
  3. a steak on a stake
  4. fried cheese
  5. fries
  6. tropicolada (drink)

This was twards the end of the day. Posing with the London Broil, our favorite show there. It's a pity their last weekend with us is coming up soon. If you haven't seen them yet I totally recomend their show, perferably within the next 2 weekends while they are at MDRF.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

09/06/08 -I survived tropical storm Hannah @ MDRF

Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken by my party this weekend. Atleast not Saturday, but I plan to find some and steal them from other brave fairegoers.

Friday night I enjoyed a party at my friend Matt's house. (Happy Birthday Matt) While I was there the topic of faire on Saturday came up, and almost everyone with the exception of Jason and my self agreed that they would not be attending faire on Saturday. As most of you have probably guess by now, this was the Saturday of the Tropical Storm Hannah.

Saturday morning, came and we went to faire. Can I just say that I was drenched as soon as I got out of the car. Im talking, worst than taking a shower, could ring out my shirt, drenched.

I stole these two pictures from my Myspace friend Scruffy (thanks Scruffy). Though you can't really see the rain, I would like to point out the new river running by the Jousting arena. I can't even begin to explain how wet we were.... nor the fun we had. Thank you to all the renfest workers who came to work on this day. Special thanks to Rossman, aka: Squire of the Wire, who joined the London Broil's last show of the day to make it all that much more entertaining. I have a new found love for the Squire and have decided to add him to my list of shows to take newbies too.

Sunday was excellent also, especially since we got to tell all of the not so tough people what the had missed the day before. I am really glad we didn't chicken out and stay home for the tropical storm.

08/30/08 -Labor Day Weekend

The following weekend, which Stacy (in her Blog has) lovingly named, "The real first weekend" was Labor Day Weekend, which I would like to point out was the only three day faire weekend. Saturday brought me back to the good ole' days since we opted to ride there with Mrs. Shelton. (we used to ride with Mrs. Shelton every weekend, in the Faire Van. The faire van is sadly no longer with us, and I would like to send out my love to it at this moment. Warm thoughts to that Van heaven in the sky... with all the gasoline, motor oil and power steering fluid it could ask for) Mrs. Shelton, Stacy, and I continued our old school adventure by watching shows almost all day. Some of the shows that I enjoyed included, Hey Nunny Nunny, The O'Danny Girls, Shakespear Scum, The London Broil, and Hack and Slash. I tried my first Steak on a stake, which was amazing. It's crazy when I think how long I have been going to faire and just this year I decided to try this wonderful food. All those years I went hungry missing out on this wonderful steak on the conveince of a stake.

In the audience of Hack and Slash, we joked about Mrs' Shelton's pretty new costume and how it resmbled a "seatbelt" for Stacy when she sat next to her. We being the goofy type we are, felt the overwelming need to take a picture as if we were on a roller coaster . Note the pretty new costumes -never seen before.

Each beautiful lady is the artist and creator of her own costume. Let's take a moment to take in the sheer talent each of these ladies posses.

By the third and final day of this extended weekend, we were all beyond exausted. As you can probably guess we were not rested and ready for work and school the next day. However with that said, we had plenty of interesting stories to tell our co-workers and fellow students.

08/23/08 -Children get in free

The Maryland Renaissance Festival started August 23rd this year. I didn't yet have a blog, so my pictures went unused but just to catch us up I have decided give you a quick over view.

The first weekend was free for children. I have no children so I decided to kidnap my bestest buddy Jamie's daughter, Emmersyn (whome we call Emme). She is super awesome, and very smart, and I knew that she would love all of the excitement.

Here she is in the car on the way there (yes there is a child seat under that pretty princess outfit). Quick note: on the way there, driver Jason picked the "three little bird" song by Bob Marley for our musical enjoyment. Tell me why this adorable child knew every word, and sung along with great enthusiasm.

While we were there we had excellent food, and entertainment.... As usual. Emme got her face painted, and insisted Stacy and I did too. Here is Emme and myself just after our faces were painted.

We also had a free pony ride, and went down the slide twice. We were going to get a princess hat but amazingly Emme opted for horns instead (how awesome is she?). We ate a lot, but among emme's favorites were: a fruit bowl, ice cream with chocolate syrup, a soft warm pretzel and my pickle.

I would like to think that Emme's favorite show was "The London Broil", since that's the show that she decided that she wanted to take a picture with ONE of the performers. There are 3 performers that make up the infamous "London Broil", but she had her favorite from the beginning, and that was Louie. Although she calls him "Willie"?!

It was very hot, but we made it through the day with virtually no problems. And Emme's mother tells me she constantly asks when she can go back.

New to this whole blogging thing.

So I figured that since everyone else had one, I needed to try it out. No I am not copying anybody, I feel that there comes a time when so many other people are obviously enjoying something, you can only be missing out. With that said here I am.

Every week as the weekend winds closer, my friends and family ask me what my plans are for the upcomming days of no work. If they don't know by now, that my fall weekends are booked... they've probably never been to the Renaissance Festival.