Monday, September 15, 2008

09/13/08 -First day missed.

Yes, if you have read my other blogs you may have realized I was blogging during faire time. I skipped faire Saturday. I was just too tired.... frankly weekends are supposed to be relaxing from the long stressful week of work. However- if your weekends, are as action packed as mine tend to be, sometimes you just kinda have to crash and do nothing.
Which is exactly what happened. When my brother and sister were ready to go... I was too tired to even get out of bed. So sadly I had to tell them to go without me.

But I was at faire on Sunday.... and had a blast as usual. I didnt take a camera, but my sister did so I only have the pic I asked her to take with me, and her pics. I didnt do much interesting stuff on Sunday, It was soo hot and miserable, I was just zombified. I did enjoy some excellent food though.

Some of the foods that I enjoyed were as follows:
  1. a pretzel
  2. a pickle
  3. a steak on a stake
  4. fried cheese
  5. fries
  6. tropicolada (drink)

This was twards the end of the day. Posing with the London Broil, our favorite show there. It's a pity their last weekend with us is coming up soon. If you haven't seen them yet I totally recomend their show, perferably within the next 2 weekends while they are at MDRF.

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