Saturday, September 13, 2008

08/23/08 -Children get in free

The Maryland Renaissance Festival started August 23rd this year. I didn't yet have a blog, so my pictures went unused but just to catch us up I have decided give you a quick over view.

The first weekend was free for children. I have no children so I decided to kidnap my bestest buddy Jamie's daughter, Emmersyn (whome we call Emme). She is super awesome, and very smart, and I knew that she would love all of the excitement.

Here she is in the car on the way there (yes there is a child seat under that pretty princess outfit). Quick note: on the way there, driver Jason picked the "three little bird" song by Bob Marley for our musical enjoyment. Tell me why this adorable child knew every word, and sung along with great enthusiasm.

While we were there we had excellent food, and entertainment.... As usual. Emme got her face painted, and insisted Stacy and I did too. Here is Emme and myself just after our faces were painted.

We also had a free pony ride, and went down the slide twice. We were going to get a princess hat but amazingly Emme opted for horns instead (how awesome is she?). We ate a lot, but among emme's favorites were: a fruit bowl, ice cream with chocolate syrup, a soft warm pretzel and my pickle.

I would like to think that Emme's favorite show was "The London Broil", since that's the show that she decided that she wanted to take a picture with ONE of the performers. There are 3 performers that make up the infamous "London Broil", but she had her favorite from the beginning, and that was Louie. Although she calls him "Willie"?!

It was very hot, but we made it through the day with virtually no problems. And Emme's mother tells me she constantly asks when she can go back.

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