Tuesday, September 23, 2008

09/21/08 Friends 1st visit.

I couldn't go to faire on Saturday, I had to work. But Saturday night I got my costume fun in anyways, I went to a Mascaraed (sp?) ball, in DC with my good friend Matt. I had lots of fun, it was a 'open minded' group of people- we'll just leave the explanation at that. Great fun and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday morning, got up late to go to faire. I had a blast even though I was exhausted. My dear friend Katie came to check out the festival with some friends of hers. I met the cutest little girl named Madison. And her Mommy and Nana too. One of the ladies in Katie's group even bought a whole outfit. All the way down to the shoes. It' looked great.
I didn't have my camera and wasn't able to borrow anybodies for pictures but I am going to ask Katie if any of her friends got me in the background, of one of theirs.

But that's my update for the week.

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