Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9/27/08 Fairewell dear friends until we meet again.

This weekend was London Broil's last weekend at Maryland (for this season). Whatever am I going to do with my hours at faire now. I missed the Saturday of the weekend for work again. I have decided that next faire season, I am not working a weekend job too.
While I was at work , it looked like rain for alot of the day, but on site down in Chantilly, there was no rain to be had. Instead it all ended up in Maryland at the faire, Stacy said it rained on and off all day.
So you can imagine that Sunday faire was one big mud show.

We missed our faire mom's morning pic so she tracked us down later and got this great shot.

Stacy, being her talented self, decided to make The London Broil presents. She made them throw/cuddle pillows, or Implements of destruction.... to match their outfits, accent colors and all.

The loved them, and the extra individual gifts we gave each of them.

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