Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow how long has it been?

I can see that this blog thing is more difficult to keep up than I thought. I will start with what I remember of that sad last day of faire.


There was a wedding... Congratulation to the lovely couple Jess and Stephen.

Come to think of it ... I don't remember much of the last weekend, other than it was sad, and I think we were supposed to picnic and there was a bit of drama. Why could it be that I don't remember the last weekend, all so well.... Oh yes, Hack and Slash weren't there.

You can hardly call it a faire weekend without seeing the famous Hack and Slash.

Let us travel back in time even a week further.

Hack and Slash's last show on their last day of faire was Hilarious! There was so much beer, given to them. I hope to find a good picture to give everyone a good idea, unfortunately I forgot my camera, and I was probably laughing to hard to get a good shot.
When all is said and done... I had a good MDRF season. I was introduced to some great music, and I've actually got friend status with a couple faire scene celebrities... They even want Stacy to join their little cult. (hey where's my koolaid?)

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