Saturday, September 13, 2008

08/30/08 -Labor Day Weekend

The following weekend, which Stacy (in her Blog has) lovingly named, "The real first weekend" was Labor Day Weekend, which I would like to point out was the only three day faire weekend. Saturday brought me back to the good ole' days since we opted to ride there with Mrs. Shelton. (we used to ride with Mrs. Shelton every weekend, in the Faire Van. The faire van is sadly no longer with us, and I would like to send out my love to it at this moment. Warm thoughts to that Van heaven in the sky... with all the gasoline, motor oil and power steering fluid it could ask for) Mrs. Shelton, Stacy, and I continued our old school adventure by watching shows almost all day. Some of the shows that I enjoyed included, Hey Nunny Nunny, The O'Danny Girls, Shakespear Scum, The London Broil, and Hack and Slash. I tried my first Steak on a stake, which was amazing. It's crazy when I think how long I have been going to faire and just this year I decided to try this wonderful food. All those years I went hungry missing out on this wonderful steak on the conveince of a stake.

In the audience of Hack and Slash, we joked about Mrs' Shelton's pretty new costume and how it resmbled a "seatbelt" for Stacy when she sat next to her. We being the goofy type we are, felt the overwelming need to take a picture as if we were on a roller coaster . Note the pretty new costumes -never seen before.

Each beautiful lady is the artist and creator of her own costume. Let's take a moment to take in the sheer talent each of these ladies posses.

By the third and final day of this extended weekend, we were all beyond exausted. As you can probably guess we were not rested and ready for work and school the next day. However with that said, we had plenty of interesting stories to tell our co-workers and fellow students.

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