Saturday, September 13, 2008

09/06/08 -I survived tropical storm Hannah @ MDRF

Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken by my party this weekend. Atleast not Saturday, but I plan to find some and steal them from other brave fairegoers.

Friday night I enjoyed a party at my friend Matt's house. (Happy Birthday Matt) While I was there the topic of faire on Saturday came up, and almost everyone with the exception of Jason and my self agreed that they would not be attending faire on Saturday. As most of you have probably guess by now, this was the Saturday of the Tropical Storm Hannah.

Saturday morning, came and we went to faire. Can I just say that I was drenched as soon as I got out of the car. Im talking, worst than taking a shower, could ring out my shirt, drenched.

I stole these two pictures from my Myspace friend Scruffy (thanks Scruffy). Though you can't really see the rain, I would like to point out the new river running by the Jousting arena. I can't even begin to explain how wet we were.... nor the fun we had. Thank you to all the renfest workers who came to work on this day. Special thanks to Rossman, aka: Squire of the Wire, who joined the London Broil's last show of the day to make it all that much more entertaining. I have a new found love for the Squire and have decided to add him to my list of shows to take newbies too.

Sunday was excellent also, especially since we got to tell all of the not so tough people what the had missed the day before. I am really glad we didn't chicken out and stay home for the tropical storm.

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