Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back-track to March please

I just realized the other day that I had not been keeping up with this blog. I try to, i promise. I even try to take pictures of all of my events, but sometimes it takes a good deal of effort to get the on the computer, and then onto the blog.....
Ok now that I am finished making excuses. Lets take a quick look back to March.

I attended the DC101 Shamrock fest, for a good wet time. It literally rained all day, it was misrble, and I had to leave with a friend before the band that I went to see even went on. To the left Racheal has her first ever TALL moment.
On a lighter note- Stacy attended this one. I don't think it was a good choice to pick for your first all day radio festival but, im glad she went. Aside from all the rain, i think she liked it.

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