Monday, January 12, 2009

January's unhappy events bring families together

January came with quite a blow. The same night that I was at the concert I found out later, was the night that my dear cousin Tony left this world. I had gotten a phone call at the concert, but it was so loud that I wasn't able to hear. I got the news the next day. It came as a shock, I didn't even kmow he had been in the hospital, not many people did. They are still trying to find out what happened.
The funeral was held Jan 5th 2009, luckily I was able to take off work to visit with my mourning friends and family. Even with such sad events to bring us together, it was good to see everyone come together. And as with the normal tradition on my moms side, we all decided on a meeting place to enjoy each others company and convers about the good times with our already missed family memeber.
With our tears wiped from our faces and food in our stomachs we soon found each others uplifting personalities to be helpful to manage our troubled thoughts. Our evening ended well, and there were laughs and smiles.

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