Monday, January 12, 2009

A new year- missed events re-caped

When we last left our hero she had gone on a cold camping trip and was getting ready to face yet another. That thanksgiving camping trip has come and gone, with some interesting stories that ... lets just say should be kept quiet.

The Thanksgiving... family camping trip was one of intoxicating humor. I don't have may pictures from this one, as Witt wasn't able to attend, and I as usual forgot my camera. But the ones I do have give you a general sense of the merriment had by all.

The weekend before the Camping trip, I set out on a walk in DC to raise money for the homeless. My work pulled together a bunch of people who were interested and paid all of our entry fees. The experience was heartwarming, but the day was very cold. By the time we all got back to our cars we had walked almost 4 miles i think.

Somewhere around the 11Th of December I went with Jason to see "Manchester Orchestra", who was awesome. We drove all the way out to Maryland to see them and a few other bands play. We heard this awesome up and coming band "all get out". Jason bought their CD, and we both hope to see more of them in the months to come. My favorite part of this concert was the very last song- by almost all of the performers of the night. The did their own hilarious version of the theme to "The Fresh Prince", and as everyone and their mother knows that song... the audience sang along. It was GREAT!

... to be continued.

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