Monday, January 12, 2009

... part 2

My friend Nicky came into town for Christmas. We hung out allot, and visit mutual friends and family. The first couple days he was in town we went to D's house. I took my gifts for the kids out there with me. The kids loved them, but D said I broke the first rule of gift giving - you see I got John Wayne a (learner) guitar. Apparently i wasn't supposed to get them anything that made noise? Ha ha .

Regardless I figured a kid with a name like that needed a guitar, and a nice plaid jacket too. The kids loved their gifts and D loved hers too. I swear I spoil that dear girl every year. Nicky it seams had just as much fun with the kids toys as any child would. Momma Oakes stopped in for a quick visit too, but just to drop off the kids gifts that D couldn't fit in the car the day before.
Nicky and I said our goodbyes to the kids that night as they took off for their dads house all the way down in South Carolina.

Nicky and I caught a show at the 930 club in DC, together. It was a favorite band of Nicky's that I had gotten him tickets to for Christmas. "CLUTCH" was very interesting, kind of redneck meets rock with a really good beat. Their fans were awesome, mostly long haired tough guys with tattoos and Amish beards. If you have every been to the 930 club you probably have seen this huge bald guy with gigantic gauged ears (I totally want to meet this guy by the way)... this guy was singing along to the Clutch lyrics word for word, as he lifted crowd surfers off of the crowd and broke up fights between overzealous moshers. I'd say it's very addicting music - in fact we are going to go see them again in February I think.

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